Colour through refraction – Josh Woodman

An interesting one for colourists!

This collection isn’t overtly about colour, and yet the use of texture to enhance the looks makes it more alluring for us colour-geeks.

Here’s what Josh tells us about his inspiration for the collection: 

Refraction is light that’s deflected and makes images look off-kilter or slightly out of focus, this perfectly sums up the impression I wanted to create. I’ve used unrefined and mixed textures, so the finished results are loose and not polished or staged. Too often collections are overly finished (or retouched) and the hair can look flat and dead. I wanted this collection to look alive.

This collection achieves precisely this. It recognises that clients don’t exclusively want vivids or crazy colours. A lot of our work is regular colouring, with this in mind, there is still so much opportunity to have fun… Josh has used light combined with creating texture in the hair to create lighter and darker colours in the hair. 

It’s beautiful to see how much light can affect hair!

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