Global Zoom 2018 in Toronto

Yikes… travelling to Toronto in Canada to join the Global Zoom gathering at the beginning of October gave us the chance to immerse ourselves in all things colourtastic. Presented by Goldwell and KMS, could it have been more thrilling?! Nope. This was a joyful experience all round

Global Zoom 2018

Goldwell Global Zoom 2018Elbowing our way through a crowd of nearly 3000 hairdressers – many travelling literally halfway round the world to be there – we loved the passion and energy of the visitors to the Goldwell and KMS Global Zoom gathering. Hosted in the Canadian city of Toronto (next door to Niagara Falls, and where they shoot Suits dontcha know), this was always going to be one mad celebration for the Goldwell label and its family brands KMS, and Oribe who also had a presence for the first time. Check our programme of discovery:


Day 1Jay Mahmood

The weekend kicked off early  with Day 1 activities. (NB it was strictly day 2 as we’d spent our first 24 hours visiting the stunning Niagara Falls, joining a welcome bash in the exuberant Rec Rooms downtown, and strolling a midnight festival called La Nuit Blanche). At the event venue, we loved the Academy Sessions where the Goldwell Color Zoom Creative team talked us through the upcoming release of the REMIX collection for 2019; the Master Design Team presented new looks from the Goldwell Signature programme lead by global cutting ambassador Jay Mahmood (above left); and the @Pure Pigments Goldwell team reminded us of the beauty of the new colour range  – all fabulous. For KMS,  the Style Council team played with StyleColor – new temporary colour in a can – it’s awesome stuff.

In the evening, after a cosy chat with the team at Oribe over champagne, we attended the Gala show. A main stage production including the announcement of the Goldwell Color Zoom Challenge 2018 winners, was a riot. Working with the looks in REMIX (bold colours, sharp contours, and strong contrasts all inspired by Pop Art) the stage show was utterly thrilling. The competition brought the house down as the Dutch team took gold in all three categories, and the after party was high-octane!

Day 2

A calmer day 2 for visitors (arguably just as well after the night before) was dominated by the Artist Sessions, hosted by John Moroney, vice president education and global creative director for the Kao Salon Division. Kao is the group which owns Goldwell, KMS and Oribe – quite a portfolio! We loved the shows with particular emphasis on Mazella & Palmer. A dream partnership of hairdressers they embrace colour, shape, texture and outline with style and sophistication. Their Forgotten Circus collection is ethereal, beautiful and clever.  They followed this with the new Ombre Rouge colour collection for Goldwell, being a celebration of colour and cut that conspires to perfectly showcase the M&P skillset. It had the audience on their feet.

With the day’s work done, we attended a massive party at the Toronto hotspot Rebel on the river. A vibrant finish to the gathering. Then  we could bid farewell to the Global Zoom team and thanks for the invite. We can’t wait for next year!


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