Color Zoom 2018

Color Zoom UK finalistsJust back from the Goldwell Color Zoom 2018 Grand Final and we can report a stonking success for the brand with 79 national finalists from 33 different countries being represented in this superb colour competition

Color Zoom Challenge

Initially, stylists in each participating country could opt for one of three categories (Partner, Creative, and New Talent) and enter a photograph of their interpretation of the Goldwell Elemental Collection. Country winners in each category then have a place in the international final – this year held in Toronto, Canada – where they represent their look on a live model. The prize is to become part of the Global Color Zoom Creative Team charged with creating the collection for 2020, so there is a lot at stake.

UK finalists

With a strong team of three to represent the UK, our hopes were high. Stepping up to the challenge of creating their colour looks on live models were: Lydia Wolfe (Gold winner in the Creative category); Kasha Havis (Gold winner in the New Talent category); and Stephanie Jones (Gold winner in the Partner category). They had just three hours to work, and crowds of spectators to ramp up the nerves!


Competition Final

Gala show Global Zoom 2018The Gala Show opened with a parade of all the finalists – flags flying literally and the audience of nearly 3000 stylists from all round the world going bonkers!  In the end it was a surprise clean sweep for the Dutch with three colourists from the same salon in the Netherlands ( Partners Hairstyling in a tiny place called Appeldorn) showing the rest of the world just how to do it! Bravo to these champions (pictured below)…
New Talent category: Nushka Barbosa, Netherlands Creative category: Roos Topley, Netherlands Partner category: Lieke Nijenkamp, Netherlands


In further news, the Goldwell Stylists’ Favourite Awards are also linked to the Color Zoom Challenge. For these, anyone, anywhere in the world, is able to vote via an online platform to choose their favourite entry in each of the same three categories as above. They must pick from an online gallery of all of the National Gold Winners.
Stop press: Again!  Lieke Nijenkamp from the Netherlands won the Stylists’ Favourite Award in the Partner category, together with her colleague, Nushka Barbosa who picked up New Talent category winner for Stylists’ Favourite. Partners Hairstyling were partying hard that night! And mixing it up ever so slightly, Pedro Alvarez from Mexico took Stylists’ Favourite in the Creative category.
Commiserations to the UK team who did a sterling job. We’re keen to see how it rolls out next year. For more on the entire Global Zoom 2018 event, click HERE

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