Get your client’s summer ready with Zoe Irwin

Summer is finally here and with the sun, comes a renewed passion for blonder hair… Let’s get your cleint’s summer ready with Zoe Irwin.

summer blonde

As clients get ready to head off on holiday, we need to make sure their haircare is a priority by looking after their colour – especially those tricky-to-keep fresh blondes.

Good friend of Colour World, Zoe Irwin, joined us at Colour World 2023 as the Matrix Editorial Colour and Trend Ambassador. She showed us some of her incredible techniques and looks… Check them out here. 





So what does Zoe say about taking care of hair in summer specifically?

Start by giving your clients a checklist before they go away to ensure all your hard work – and their hard-earned cash – isn’t wasted.

Zoe puts it this way: “Think about their holiday destination when you colour their hair before they go, colour it accordingly and take it down a tone if you need to. Remember, it will be bleached and damaged if they are in the sun or the sea.”

Zoe Irwin

Here’s Zoe’s checklist to give to clients for their hair on their summer holiday:

  1. Always give your client a colour mask to take on holiday, something like Biolage ColorBalm will keep their colour enhanced while adding much-needed moisture and nourishment.
  2. An SPF is the hair’s saviour when they are away so make sure this is top of their holiday must-haves. Choose a product with multi-benefits like Matrix Miracle Creator, which not only protects the hair and scalp, but conditions, protects, primes and styles as well.
  3. Give them advice on how to wear their hair with a hat or scarf. Not only does it look cool, it protects their summer colour too.
  4. If you soak your hair with ‘good’ water it can’t absorb ‘bad’ water, so tell them to saturate their hair with ‘good’ water before they go into the sea or pool.

We hope this helps your client’s, let us know if you have any more tips.

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