Ta dah! The newest member of the Kevin.Murphy Color.Me collection of beloved lighteners is named for clarity… all hail the ULTIMATE.LIGHTENER which offers colourists the ability to achieve up to nine levels of lift and bond protection. Yep! And all while preserving the integrity of the hair. This lightener delivers a nourishing boost of strength and shine to blonde hair to create the ultimate lightening experience.


Ultimate.LightenerThe newbie claims star ingredients which are carefully selected and naturally-derived, including Sugar Derivatives, Hydrolysed Rice Protein and Black Cumin Seed Oil. Sugar Derivatives preserve the integrity of the hair, offering protection during the lightening process and natural bond support. Hydrolysed Rice Protein delivers stronger, more voluminous, flexible strands, resulting in fuller hair with improved elasticity. Black Cumin Seed Oil infuses the hair with luminosity as it helps to lay the cuticle flat and reflect light, resulting in a brilliant shine.

Ultimate LightenerSpeaking to ULTIMATE.LIGHTENER’s ability to give both consumers and stylists the creative expression they crave, brand founder Kevin Murphy says: “There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to blonde. From baby lights to balayage, our options when it comes to lightening our hair is ever increasing. That is why I felt it was imperative that we provide options for our lighteners that are suitable for all techniques, desired results, and personal preferences.”

No stranger to the specific needs of blondes and the challenges they pose to colourists, COLOR.ME Global Design Director Kate Reid, notes the innovation is perfect for anyone wanting maximum lift and clean results. She says, “ULTIMATE.LIGHTENER breaks through artificial colour build up in the hair that would normally be difficult to lighten through in a simple application, saving precious time in the salon!”


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