Strong yet gentle

Organic Colour Systems – a UK based manufacturer with a 25 year heritage – focus on creating natural, hair colour, care and styling products for the salon professional market. Their products are gentle, ammonia-free and non-damaging. This summer, launching what they call their most significant product in the last five years, the brand introduces us to a four-step, daily scalp and hair regime: Rep-Hair follicle strengthening system. Years in the making, Rep-Hair is natural and scientifically-formulated to improve the strength and condition of both scalp and hair, providing an optimum follicular environment for hair growth.
More than 50% of women will experience some sort of hair thinning by the age of 50. While many factors have been identified as contributing to hair loss, such as nutritional deficiencies, stress, and medications, the common attributes of ‘female pattern hair loss’ indicate that there is an increase in the hormone dihydrotestosterone  (DHT), inflammation of the hair follicle, and a decrease in the number of hair follicles  and size of follicle in the scalp.
The four-step Rep-Hair system includes a shampoo, conditioner, scalp treatment and natural oral supplement. It combines natural and organic extracts and vitamins and minerals, with a unique and highly effective, active hair care complex named Capixyl™, which has been proven to reduce hair loss and stimulate natural hair growth.
Managing Director, Raoul Perfitt comments: At Organic Colour Systems, we recognise how concerning fine and thinning hair and hair loss can be, especially for women. There are many great products in the marketplace which tackle this problem, however very few are natural, which is why we embarked on this journey five years ago, to develop an effective and natural remedy for thicker, fuller looking hair.”
The four products in the Rep-Hair® Follicle Strengthening System work together to improve and support the health of the scalp, whilst strengthening and nourishing the hair. Used as recommended, visible results should be noticeable in 4-16 weeks.



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