Next generation – Innoluxe V2

Innoluxe v2

Making a lot of noise in the colour world. A new category of re-bonders has transformed what you can do with colour while preserving or reinstating the condition of the hair. Now INNOluxe gives us a new phase of development, promising even better results! Yikes, we’re all ears…

The newbie Dubbed INNOluxe V2

Dubbed INNOluxe V2, the newbie will be INNOluxe’s. A next generation of re-bonding which is a real leap forward in colour additive technology. INNOluxe ambassador, and founder of London’s Not Another Salon, Sophia HiltonSophia Hilton, has this to say: “INNOluxe V2 takes it further than I thought was possible. V2 works inside and out. It rebuilds the hair like never before, but equally important, the client’s going to really feel it. There’s such a difference when my clients leave after a treatment with INNOluxe V2. The hair feels fatter, it’s thicker and sexier and smoother instantly – which is pretty awesome.”While a valuable addition to your colour service, INNOluxe V2 isn’t just a colour additive. The product can also be used as stand-alone treatment. It can be used to repair and rejuvenate hair. The bonder is ideal for a prescription service in advance of a major colour change, plus it’s great for defining curls.

So confident are the team behind INNOluxe V2, they say it can repair any hair. No matter the type, colour or texture this product is great for all. It offers hairdressers the freedom to say ‘yes’ to clients they may previously have turned away, opening up endless creative possibilities.

How it works:

Improvements to the INNOluxe Aminobond Complex, with the addition of the amino acid cysteine and extra low-weight proteins, means INNOluxe V2 penetrates through to the inner structure of the hair, bonding with the natural keratin. INNOluxe V2 creates super-strong hair bonds, while reconnecting the sulphur bridges to infuse hair with health.


Salon Service

• Rebond V2 uses the Aminobond Complex to strengthen hair bonds by delivering organic sulphur from the amino acid cysteine. It also supports hydrogen, carbon and oxygen from other compound proteins, to the inner structure of the hair. This combination creates a new multi-level support network made up of keratin and low-weight proteins inside each strand. The result is super-strong sulphur bonds, translating into incredibly strong, repaired but also healthy hair.

• Balance Plus V2 is designed to restore the correct PH balance to hair following a chemical process or treatment using INNOluxe Rebond V2. This additional step, enhances the strengthening benefits, while also providing resistance against environmental and physical stresses. The result is hair that feels truly scrumptious – and who doesn’t want that?

Home Service

• Elixir V2 is a highly concentrated leave-in conditioner that reinforces the hair’s new strength and flexible proteins following an INNOluxe treatment. Using new heat-activated proteins, the hair actually strengthens as it dries. It only takes is one or two drops of the elixir onto wet hair.

Way to go guys! Importantly, Innoluxe V2 will be available from late March.

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