INNOluxe FBR colour prep spray

Word on the street is that FBR is one of those once-in-a-blue-moon innovations, set to become a must-have at every colourist’s station.

A completely new step in the colouring process designed to combat cysteic acid, FBR is  sprayed onto hair before colouring to repair and strengthen, whilst ensuring colours penetrate and saturate more evenly. This means you use significantly less product – better for the salon as you’ll spend less on tubes of colour, and better for the environment with less packaging waste created.

Hair by Kayleigh Dixon

Here’s the facts…

One 200ml bottle costs £25, contains multiple applications and will pay for itself versus money saved on colour – an absolute no-brainer on everything from highlights to brights with the resulting hair left resilient, vibrant and with more colour longevity.

Hair by Kayleigh Dixon

Meet the Hair Witch

Kayleigh Dixon, aka Kayleigh the Hair Witch, created these looks for one of her chameleon hair clients, who loves to switch up her look at every appointment. She says: “FBR has totally levelled up my hair colouring game. It’s my favourite product that INNOluxe has launched to date, and I’m a proper INNOluxe fan girl. It’s changed the way I colour hair from blondes to reds or even vivids because I will be a bit more adventurous with the clients and feel confident doing a transformation on hair that I may previously have hedged my bets on.

“FBR creates the most even canvas for you to work on meaning no patchy areas or need for double applications, which as a salon owner is fab because it means I spend a little less on colour stock and as one bottle does many, many heads it actually means I save money!”

To find out more about FBR click HERE.

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