New bold color washes

Bold Color Wash - Schwarzkopf ProfessionalOh yes – these bright babies from Schwarzkopf Professional are putting the zing into colour changes for clients who don’t want to try too hard, but love a knock-out result! We’re talking about the brand’s new Bold Colour Washes which deliver brave, vibrant colour with minimal effort and long-lasting results. A semi-permanent performance in a sulfate-free* shampoo base, with highly-pigmented formulas gives good results, fast.

(*SLS/SLES Sulfates: sodium Laurel Sulfate & Sodium Laureth Sulfate)


Google says search trends reveal more than double the number of browsers are looking forward to a catch up for ‘bold colour’ against 5 years ago… and salons report a growing number of clients wanting to express their individuality through bold colour. Maybe it’s the influence of Japanese Anime? Maybe consumer fascination with Pantone colouring, maybe it’s the Millenials dynamism? Whatever the motivation, the point is that you need to keep up.

EFFORTLESS semi-permanent application 

Create tonal hues on darker bases, or intense, vibrant results on lighter hair bases. Build colour intensity with repeated application – the client can decide and you advise. The benefits of Schwarzkopf Professional Bold Color Washes include:
• highly-concentrated formulas for bold and intense colour results, even on darker hair bases
• fast colour deposit with semi-permanent performance in a shampoo base
• cleanse and colour in one simple step
• visual development time from 3-5 minutes and up to 20 minutes
• intense, high-shine finish.

Bold Color Wash - Schwarzkopf Professional

We’re loving the strong purple, blue, pink and red choices. The rest is up to you!

Looking for some more colour inspiration? Here you go: