Tribu-te show is back

We couldn’t be more excited to hear that Tribu-te show is back in LonTribu-te showdon for the 7th year in a row!

Sunday 14th October @ 7pm
London’s west end Novello theatre
Grab tickets for you and your pals !
The most elite hair artists will fulfil the Tribu-te show mantra: The best artists on the most beautiful stage.
To celebrate the wonderful art of hair
What a knock-out line up there is this year….

Tribu-te Show

Desmond Murray

“I’ll be showcasing my latest collection Pop up; which is an amalgamation of hair and photography.”

We got a sneak preview of this collection at the Colour World show back in May. Check it out!


Tribu-te show

Andrew Jose

“It’s fantastic to be asked back to the Tribu-te stage. I’ll be sharing an exert from my seminar entitled ‘Can You Cut It’.”

We were a huge fan of the master of punk texture in the 80’s that Andrew showcased at the On The Edge show back in April!


Tribu-te show

Darren & Jackie Ambrose

“We will be creating a muse image, which will begin as a blank canvas that evolves into a full length live Haute Couture, photo-ready model.”

Darren presented one of our favourite #colourtastic moments at last years BHA’s.


Tribu-te show

Angelo Seminara

“I’m excited to present something that, hopefully, will inspire the audience. It’s going to be fun!”

Angelo has being busy lately creating the new Imprinter tool to make creative colouring easier. We are a huge fan of the Imprinter!


Tribu-te show

Sally & Jamie Brooks

“We don’t know what we will be doing at the moment-  but whatever it is, it will be something new and that you’ve not seen before.”

Sally was crowned British Hairdresser of the Year 2017 – the first time in 12 years a woman has won this award.

Get your tickets here. Before it’s too late!


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