Kerasilk Strengthening Bond Builder

Kerasilk has been busy innovating since 1984, aiming to rejuvenate hair from dull and lifeless to healthy-looking and strong… So, what have they got in store now?  

Introducing the new Kerasilk Strengthening Bond Builder seeking to deliver strong, beautiful results and hair that feels unbreakable, elastic and full of bounce. This treatment is infused with Biomimetic Silk & Bondamide; the 100% vegan formula builds new bonds to restructure and fortify even highly damaged hair right down to the cortex, for strong, healthy-looking hair and aims to prevent up to 98% hair breakage.  

Before and after kerasilk

What is Bondamide? 

Bondamide penetrates deep down to the cortex and builds new hydrogen and ionic bonds within and across the hair structure and restores hair fibre strength.  

Kerasilk Bond Builder

Let’s hear from the pros:  

“Strengthening Bonder Builder has literally transformed even the most damaged hair that we see in my salon. Chemical, electrical and environmental stresses on the hair are wiped away with this miracle product. My clients swear by it – and so do I.” – Nicholas Fletcher-Holmes, owner of Hobson & Holmes salon.  

“I really enjoy using Kerasilk Strengthening Bond Builder. It leaves the hair feeling stronger and gives a nice silk feeling after blow-drying.” – Taz Daddi-Addoun, owner of The Birdcage Hair Salon.  

We look forward to hearing if you have tried this product… Let us know how you find it.  

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