Color Sync Vinyls

Well hello Autumn and the introduction of new colour services that play beautifully to bold and vibrant hair colours. This season, Matrix gives us three additional Color Sync Vinyl shades for three brand new colour trends. Especially formulated with Vivid Dye Technology – for clients seeking more bold and brave results – this allows you to create dynamic effects even on darker hair from level 5 and up. Lush!
In Manchester – challenging on the grey and rainy days to say the least…. – Sharon Peake and Adam Bryant at Ethos hairdressing, tell us that having these new shades is great for business. “The three gorgeous new Color Sync Vinyls shades have come at the perfect time!” say the pair. “Though pale shades are still very popular, many clients are looking for richer shades with depth that offer the same contemporary fell as the Watercolors do.”
Choose from Cobalt Blue – an inky, bold blue tone, Midnight Violet – a vibrant and sultry plum tone, and Crimson Red – a rich and vivid red tone.

Advice from Adam and Sharon, both Matrix artistic team members, is to keep these three techniques in mind:
The Foundation: Ensure that every colour, no matter how simple or complicated the technique, the result is seamlessly toned. This service is important for every client whether they want a subtle toned down look or bold Vinyls makeover
Shadowed Root: A new spin on the single process. Stray away from harsh lines and keep the bold contrast, but soften the look. Perfect for your fashionista client who wants a dash of colour for their everyday look
Contoured Lowlight: Adjustable for every client whether they want to be subtle or bold. Place light and dark tones to shape the face.
* These fabulous techniques have been created using the Kabuki Blurring Brush for a seamless transition from one shade to the next!

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