Tribu-te Show 2017

The 6th edition of the Tribu-te Show 2017 in London on Sunday was a triumph for the brand who hosted 925 in the audience and presented 5 awesome artists on the stage. We loved how colour came through as a strong story for each of these premier hairdressers with Skyler McDonald (for Skyler LONDON) actually recreating her colour laboratory on stage to demonstrate how inventive and curious she is about colour. Browse the pictures below to see her #marbling hair with colour, and tipping pots of colour onto pale hair to see how it falls. The Spanish team X-Presion were awesome demonstrating their cool #pixelating colour technique – so creative. With Kevin Murphy session stylist, Tom Connell for Trevor Sorbie, and Hooker & Young on the same bill, the roster was stunning. Bravo Tribu-te! And fab to see Fudge Professional, Great Lengths, L’Oréal Professional Products and Wahl supporting the show. This is the job of such great brands – to help hairdressers be as creative and innovative as possible. Enjoy our gallery of the best bits! [Tribu-te show LONDON is back on Sunday 14 October 2018]

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