The Colour World Colour Genius Awards 2021 are open for entry

We have THE best news to announce! The Colour World Colour Genius Awards 2021 are on and open for you to enter!

The third edition of the #CWGA21 Genius Awards is now open for entry and what’s more exciting than this?

In a few words

Colour Genius Awards CatwalkLaunched in 2019, with more than 450 entries in the first-ever run of the competition, the Colour World Genius Awards ranks high in the hairdressing industry. The awards feature eight fabulously-named trophies; titles you and your salon would be proud to show off! Well, being called ‘Colour Genius’ is a big thing, isn’t it?

The Colour World Colour Genius Awards are run independent of any colour house. Our lovely sponsors help to promote and support the contest, but contestants are free to use any colour products they choose in creating their looks. Plus judging is conducted with strict anonymity for the contestants to avoid favouritism!

The categories

There are eight categories to choose from – each promising a fantastic trophy to display in your salon and the pride of knowing you are a Colour Genius indeed. Have a good look at the entry form and decide which one you will enter… or go for several! The criteria includes the number of years experience you have as a colourist, and that you upload pictures or film to our website. Or for People’s Choice Colour Genius create a Reel for Instagram.

Choose from:

  1. People’s Choice Colour Genius
  2. Creative Colour Genius
  3. Colour Correction Genius
  4. Commercial Colour Genius
  5. Innovative Colour Genius
  6. Men’s Colour Genius
  7. #Colourtastic Genius
  8. Colour Communicator Genius

The Colour Genius Awards presentation will be held in London on a date to be decided – depending on the lifting of Covid restrictions. The entries close on the 12th April 2021, the judging will take place during April and the finalists will be announced on the 26th of April.

More details to follow – but what are you waiting for? Enter now and best of luck!

To enter click HERE – Don’t forget to read the submission form


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