Individuality with Crazy Color

A fun new campaign from Crazy Color gives you ample opportunity to create bespoke looks for your colour clients. ‘Think Outside the Bottle’ is a campaign with Crazy Color ambassador Sophia Hilton which celebrates individuality and shows the possibilities of vibrant hair colour. You are encouraged to challenge hair colour norms by creating more daring looks. If you are looking for a way to get more creative with clients, this is it. Here’s a collection to get you feeling inspired! 

Crazy Color shows its extensive palette

‘Think Outside the Bottle’ features a diverse range of hairstyles to show the potential of Crazy Color’s extensive palette. The brand wants to inspire you to experiment more with vibrant hair colours in the salon. This is easy to see in the looks which show vivid pastels and daring neons created by Sophia and her team at Not Another Salon. Colour was custom-mixed for each model, creating a truly personal touch to further emphasise the feeling of individuality.   

Crazy Color says…

A spokesperson for Crazy Color says: “This campaign rebels against conventional beauty standards: We want to empower you to embrace your true self, unleash your inner confidence, and own the room with hair that defies expectations.”

Sophia Hilton

Sophia Hilton says: “It is always important to me to illustrate that Crazy Color is not just for one type of person, it’s for everybody. In the past 10 years, I have seen the trends change dramatically in the UK, and throughout the world. What was once seen as alternative is now wearable for every personality. Giving people the confidence to be themselves is exactly what Crazy Color is all about”

Think Outside the Bottle in detail  

With 40 semi-permanent, intermixable shades to choose from, Sophia custom-mixed colour for each model. Crazy Color unveiled the campaign through a series of visuals, including a high-fashion photoshoot, captivating video content, and behind-the-scenes footage to show the creative process. Ideal if you want to take a closer look at some of the looks and translate them for clients. 

Crazy Color wants ‘Think Outside the Bottle’ to revolutionise the way people perceive and embrace vivid hair colours. The campaign will empower you to break free from convention and embrace your true self, one vibrant hue at a time.

Crazy Color and Sophia Hilton are a perfect match as she’s so well- known for creative colouring and pushing boundaries. Crazy Color also wants to spread the idea that it is ‘cool’ to be kind. Sophia hosts international education on her Vivid Colour Course and, in addition to revealing and exploring the business side of the industry, encourages her audiences to be open, honest and reflective.

We hope ‘Think Outside the Bottle’ inspires you to experiment with vibrant colours and be more daring inside and outside of the salon.   

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