Dani Blakely La Frange collection

Dani Blakeley tells us that La Frange (The Fringe) collection was inspired by life feeling like a spinning melting pot … Very philosophical, we love it! Dani also found inspiration in local art, catwalk fashion, graffiti and nature for this collection. We are intrigued by the use of colours combined with texture, Dani follows an artist Rus Kitchin, who creates very colourful paintings and uses textures with interesting features. We can see this resonating through the collection.  







Let’s hear from Dani…  

“My starting point was some of the fashion pieces on catwalk shows in London and Paris. Not only this, but I found inspiration through street art which graces our walls all around our environments, specifically for me in Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, Aus, again with bold use of colour.” 

The colours in this collection really fascinate us, Dani tells us more about where they drew their inspiration:  

“We’ve had some pretty amazing sunsets lately. The colours of the sky, the pinks, the oranges and reds of the sunsets made me think about their subtle graduation from one colour to the next. It made me want to create hair colour that blends and melds together.”  

The wide range of inspiration from this collection has truly enticed us. But not only this, Dani has been experimental with his tools and methods during the colouring of this collection.  

“I used tools you wouldn’t usually think to use for hair including stencils made with sponges, numerous types of paint brushes, tapes and hairbands. They were used for the placement or subtle blending of colours as well as freehand and finger painting.” 

A very interesting collection, we hope you enjoy it! We love to see your latest collections, don’t forget to share with us on IG @colourworlduk  

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