Colour World 2024 in pictures

Colour World 2024 was a triumph of positivity and creativity. The generosity of colourists in sharing ideas and inspiration was at the heart of the Colour World 2024 event and we all revelled in the best atmosphere ever.

Giuseppe Stelitano at Colour World 2024
Colour by Giuseppe Stelitano

The sun shone and the buzz of colour demos, listen&learn seminars and presentations on stage proved the community of UK colourists is the ultimate way of showing how fabulous hairdressing is.

A colour look from the Charlotte Paints Hair Studio
colour by Charotte Paints Hair Studio

#CWUK24 in pictures

More than 50 colour demos each day fed our visitors hunger to learn, share and inspire. Browse these in our gallery below for a glimpse into what amazing work our Colour Shair demo colourists gave us:

Alexandra Reeder at Colour World 2024
Alexandra Reeder
Chelsey Stone at Colour World 2024
Chelsey Stone
Edd Moss at Colour World 2024
Edd Moss
Emma Simmons at Colour World 2024
Emma Simmons
Gunel Kelly at Colour World 2024
Gunel Kelly
Maria Grazia at Colour World 2024
Maria Grazia
Mikey Noir at Colour World 2024
Mikey Noir
Dean Lawton Taylor at Colour world 2024
Dean Lawton Taylor
Pashcan'el Mitchell at Colour World 2024
Pashcan’el Mitchell
Sara Mann at Colour World 2024
Sara Mann
Sian Couldridge at Colour World 2024
Sian Couldridge
Sofia Geideby at Colour World 2024
Sofia Geideby
Stevie Leah at Colour World 2024
Stevie Leah
Lea Shaw at Colour World 2024
Lea Shaw for sponsor Joico
Anne Veck at Colour World 2024
Anne Veck
Sammy Bickle at Colour World 2024
Sammy Bickle
Vicki Lord at Colour World 2024
Vicki Lord

All photography courtesy of David Hindley

The Living Gallery

Working in their demo spaces for two hours, each artist could then present their model on the Living Gallery stage, hosted in turns by Charlotte Cave, Darrell Starkey, Chris Grimley, and Zoe Irwin. Thanks so much to these brilliant hosts.

The Living Gallery Stage
The Living Gallery Stage

Guests were invited to tag the giant #CWUK24 to join the tribute to colour!

The Living Gallery Stage
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