Rainbow Rooms International celebrates their Sapphire anniversary

Congratulations to Rainbow Rooms International who are celebrating their 45th year in business. To celebrate their sapphire anniversary we’re taking a look back at artistic director Suzie McGill’s best sapphire hair colours.

Suzie McGill collecting Creative Colour Genius Award 2024
Suzie McGill – Creative Colour Genius

Suzie won Creative Colour Genius at the Colour World Genius Awards last month is known for her love and passion for creative colour work tells us her favourite blue hues and how she achieved them.

Best Sapphire Hair

One of my favourite blue hair images. With this look, I wanted to create a contrasting two-tone look starting with an icy grey/silver base teamed with a beautiful dark sapphire blue that would really pop on the lighter base shade. To compliment the colour, I cut the hair into a textured pixie to further enhance the pieces of colour placed through the hair.

We love our super short cuts at Rainbow Room International and this hasn’t changed in the past 45 years! For this textured crop, I infused several shades onto the dark base, including sapphire blues, amethyst purple and harlequin green to create a petrol like effect. The choppiness of the cut and texture in the styling show of all these tones which blend beautifully together and give the hair a quirky, kaleidoscopic finish.

This is one of my favourite collection images ever. I love the clean, jet-black base paired with blue sapphire colour panelling through the fringe and the front section of the hair, which gives the hair an incredible high shine. On this darker base, the blue does not show as vividly, but I love that the colour makes you take a second look and although more subtle, has an impact. Paired with a strong, geometric cut including a statement fringe, this whole look is super captivating.

Two-tone hair colour is one of my favourite colour techniques and in my latest Prism collection where I created this look, I wanted the hair to reflect light and depth into different colours and multifaceted tones that connect seamlessly into one another. I chose to start with a clean white base and through colour merging, blending and sectioning I was able to create a phenomenon of light refraction with the sapphire blue tones.

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