Imagine the halcyon days of summer, the scent of flowers in full bloom, the sound of bees humming around them, and the dappled light piercing the vines that surround a charming Italian villa. This is VELVET.FLORA. A collection inspired in part by The Roses of Heliogabalus, painted in 1888 by Anglo-Dutch artist Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadama, that depicts the young Roman Emperor Heliogabalus hosting a decadent banquet with guests immersed in drifts of petals.

It is here in VELVET.FLORA fantasy that Kevin Murphy‘s muse – or perhaps an enchanting hostess – invites you into her world of romance and glamour. See a kaleidoscope of colour; feel the cascading blooms and experience the sensation of being completely lost in beauty. A unique dream of your imagination. Drifts of flowers form a cushion that softens your sense of reality and allows you to feel swept away toward a sensorial future of hope, love and togetherness. As you look beyond the beauty that drew you in, you discover freedom of expression among a community of human beings mingling in perfect harmony