Beautiful Bangarang

Spotted… The ‘Beautiful Bangarang’ collection by Domi Pinalli from Domi Pinalli Hair Salon. Inspired by beautiful chaos, we love the use of colour placement to create texture. Let’s find out more about where this inspiration came from…  

“Beautiful Bangarang, meaning beautiful chaos, was named to showcase the creative journey that was taken. Despite the challenges faced, there is always beauty to be found. Taking inspiration from Rose Quartz crystals that are each unique but monochromic as a family. Beautiful once polished but also beautiful raw when found in its natural form. My collection tells the same story, homogenous, but individually singular. Coming soft with hard to create a balance that signifies allure for you to look at the intricate details within the colour, cut and shape of each image with a pleasant feeling when viewed as a collection.”  

Inspiration can come in all shapes and sizes. We love how Domi transferred his inspiration from nature to create beautiful colours and interesting shapes with hair. The collection includes Domi Pinalli’s winning Affinage Colour Award photo from the AHIA awards, a huge congratulations to Domi for securing this win!  


Awards season is well and truly upon us, with our Colour World Genius Awards being open, we look forward to seeing more stunning collections coming our way. Don’t forget to share your collections with us on @colourworlduk for the chance to be featured on our website.  


Hair: Domi Pinalli  @domipinallihair 

Styling: Domi Pinalli 

Photography: Bill Tsiknaris 

Makeup: Brooke Stanley 

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