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CULt education has a strong heritage in precision cutting – with founder Brett MacDonald an alumni of the Sassoon Academy. This tutorial from CULt shows how you can create an up-to-date take on the ‘pixie’ crop.

Working with graphic outlines softened with internal texture, and colour to deliver a wow! result. We’re interested in how this neat short cut is both strong and ‘outspoken’ and yet will be easy to wear and doesn’t try too hard.

The outline has a playful take on the ‘widow’s peak’ with the shape adding individuality. We love this short crop with colour being so on trend with hints of blushing apricot edging to pretty pink.

To create it, follow these steps:

  1. Mix your powder lightener and 6% vol.
  2. Starting through the front sections, begin applying your colour.
  3. The hair is combed off the face in sections, with colour applied at the roots.
  4. Leave your lightener to process.
  5.  To begin take a triangular section through the top of the head and section.
  6. Take a second section from the occipital bone to the tip of the ear and section with a clip.
  7. Next take a section from the occipital bone to the nape of the neck.
  8. The hair is elevated up and out form the head and a slim layered guideline is cut, that follows the natural roundness of the head.
  9. This guideline remains longer through the nape to retain extra length.
  10. Subsequent sections are taken parallel to the first and continue working to the corner of the head, before being over directed back to retain length behind the ear.
  11. This process is repeated on the second side
  12. Take diagonal sections on the opposite side and cross check for equal balance and precision.
  13. Apply a small amount of mousse to the hand and distribute through the hair lightly to reduce any bumps or uneven texture.
  14. This area is further refined with the use of a pointing technique to remove bulk and weight from this thick dense hair.
  15. Finally, refine the outlines to create a strong, shattered effect.
  16. Next, a diagonal section is taken from the temple around the front hairline, the hair is elevated up and layered to create a slim fitted feel through the sides.
  17. Subsequent sections are taken parallel to the guide and over directed slightly, to create a full yet fluid layered shape.
  18. Here you can see the cutting line used to create a slimming yet textured effect through the layers.
  19. This technique is now repeated through the second side working towards the crown.
  20. A horizontal section is now taken across the top of the head and a new completely disconnected guideline is cut short and flat.
  21. The top is then cross checked in the opposite manner for precision and accuracy.
  22. Finally the shape is dried and pointed into to remove weight and refine the shape.
  23. Let’s colour!

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