The Slither is here!

Trend alert! Colourist and owner of Lush Salon in Durham, Becky Sutherland, has created a new colour technique that is going to create a buzz! It’s called The Slither and is expected to be super-popular amongst clients once salons reopen.

What is The Slither?

“New for 2021, The Slither colour technique incorporates a narrow section of hair coloured in a juxtaposed hue to the rest of the hair. This makes The Slither really pop!” Becky explains. ”By making The Slither contrast and clash with the surrounding hair you create a statement piece. It works best on a full head colour with The Slither effect almost peeking out of the main style. The Slither section is taken horizontally and you can apply multiple colours to create a rainbow effect or you can just opt for a colour melt effect, using two colours. Once you’ve mastered the technique you can then experiment with different colours depending on your client’s mood and lifestyle.”

Who is The Slither for?

Whether they are natural lovers, vivid colour obsessed, or ready for a full rainbow, The Slither is for everyone. Clients who previously loved trendy placement like the money piece or a chunky face frame, this is the next in line to take that spot. And  it’s perfect for the client who likes the idea of trying something new, like vivid colour, but isn’t ready to fully commit.

How to achieve it?

Depending on the client’s desired look, you may have to lighten ‘The Slither section’ to create a nice light base to apply colour on top of. ”For vivid colour I always use Crazy Color’s range of semi-permanent shades. My favourite Slither to create is a full rainbow, and they have every perfect shade for that. The clients can also take their colours home for easy top ups. I also use the Anti Bleed Spray at the end of the process; it really locks the colour in” says Becky.

All looks demonstrated in the pictures are created by Becky – we love them!


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