We are heading into the weekend with all the inspo we need from Anna Barroca’s collection Intensity.

Intensity is ”an exercise in strength and fluidity, an energy that catches you and is transmitted, projecting you into the future.” The vibrant colours are mixed with smooth and wavy textures, showing that different forms exist for the same message, full of value and hope. We love it!Hair glides in layers with a flowing force that is intensified by violet with burgundy undertones. The layered haircuts provide volume in a harmony created through different lengths. In Intensity, details matter; they are the reflection of a unique essence. Hair can be a burning flame, a set of volumes that move to the beat of an inner cadence, indomitable, almost incomprehensible to strange eyes. Curls create a unique architecture that faces forward to dismantle known geometries.

”It is time to create new forms, those dictated by the heart. Hair is full of movement, expression reinforced by the energy of orange, in a look that represents the dawn of being” Anna explains.

And she adds: ”When I break an old scheme, I am creating a new one at the same time. That is the cycle of life, that of energy that transforms to become new again. Nothing is like before and, although we look at our origin, every day we die to be born again. Curls are presented with different textures and colour is like a score of shades and intensities. The result is an amazing and powerful look.”


Hair: Anna Barroca @annabarroca  •  Photography: David Arnal @davidarnalteam •  Make-up: Anna González @iamlaflaca • Styling: IKKA’S & YONS @ikkasshop @trendandsweet



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