Respectfully EP20 – Winning colour with Sinéad Kelly and Vas Mikellides

Respectfully EP20 – Winning colour with Sinéad Kelly and Vas Mikellides

This week, we’re discussing winning colour. With some many brilliant competitions out there from the leading manufacturers, we ask:  what does it mean to your business to win one of these industry colour awards? Is it important? Do your clients understand their gravitas? We’ve caught up with two hairdressers – straight from a hugely coveted trophy win – to get their take on it all.

On The Panel:

Sinéad Kelly
Is a celebrity stylist and owner of Sinéad Kelly London, a boutique salon in Barnes, West London. A two-time winner of the L’Oréal Colour Trophy in 2016 and 2019 respectively, she’s also bagged a whole host of prizes during her career including European Hairdressing Champion in 2002 and 2004, and a former Irish hairdressing champion, too.

Vas Mikellides
Is Executive Stylist at Sinéad Kelly London and the current winner of the London L’Oreal Colour Trophy. Having worked alongside some of the most influential stylists in the country; he likes to keep his finger on the pulse of the latest colour trends, paving the way in beautiful colour transformations.

Hot Topics

2m 20s – Tell us about your winning look for 2019
4m 53s – Process for entering the LCT
6m 6s – What comes first?
7m 10s – Talk us through the styling of the look
9m 36s – When does the process for entering a competition like LCT start?
10m 22s – So interesting that you can transform a women with two different looks
12m 16s – Hairdressing as a craft has developed so much
12m 50s – Where do you stand on competitions generally?
13m 45s – The key to success is dedication
15m 17s – Competitions can really help to build clients, too
18m 0s – We should take inspiration from one another
20m 20s – What makes it so hard for women in our industry?
21m 43s – Hair is more textured on your Instagram feed. Is that deliberate?
23m 54s – You have to inspire and invest in your model
26m 10s – Is it more important to please yourself or the judges?
29m 01s – So let’s talk about your winning #LCT19 year. Tell us what’s in store…
30m 40s – What are the key things if someone is going to enter?


Host: Nicky Pope
Guests: Sinéad Kelly and Vas Mikellides

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