Opal-Essence: Copper Peach

Sophisticated copper with a peach metallic shine.? We’re in love with Copper Peach, the final shade in the new Opal-Essence story. Experts at Wella Professionals suggest using Copper Peach to enhance the natural sun-kissed highs and lows of the hair, maximizing the colour result of Opal Essence’s warm and cool qualities. Perfect for your curly haired clients, we think. Why not dazzle them with an express salon treatment and create warm and cool light reflections over previous colour or their natural hair…


Edward Sweeney

We caught up with Edward Sweeney, Wella Professionals global capabilities manager, to find out more about how he would use the Copper Peach shade:

What do you love most about this shade? I am a natural red head, and in different lights natural red hair can appear tonally different. Copper peach is perfect for re-creating this affect.

What are your top tips for using this shade? Use it on its own and be fearless with it.

What’s your favourite way to mix this shade? The obvious ones are the /43 color palate in ILLUMINA COLOR but intermixed with 10/05 0r 8/05 you achieve beautiful bronze tones.

How would you use this shade as a quick colour service?

Have you had good feedback from clients on the new shades and if so, what do they say about it? Clients love how it emulates how unique natural red hair can look.

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