Opal-Essence: Titanium Rose

One colour result with warm and cool light reflections? Yep, Wella Professionals new Opal-Essence offers this with five new metallic shades that offer pure tone without depth. This week, we’re looking at the Titanium Rose shade – a gorgeous tone that gives a hint of warm rose with a touch of titanium. We’re big fans, and predict this shade to be HUGE come festival season…


Edward Sweeney

We caught up with Edward Sweeney, Wella Professionals global capabilities manager, to find out more about how he would use the Titanium Rose shade:

What do you love most about this shade? I am a warm colourist, however the cool undertone of this shade controls me and gives my colours a unique feel.

What are your top tips for using this shade? Again, Time is your best friend, don’t be afraid to let it develop.

What’s your favourite way to mix this shade? Intermixing Titanium Rose with ILLUMINA COLOR 6/16 to shadow a root is beautiful. Cool with a warm reflection it creates the perfect backdrop for lighter pieces.

How would you use this shade as a quick colour service? Intermixing to create a root shadow while toning.

Find out about the other Opal-Essence shades in the range HERE: 

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