New Technique – Sculptoning

Eco-friendly haircare brand, Davines introduces us to a brand new technique – sculptoning, which enhances blondes by face contouring. Blonde hair trends have been around for years. The success of the blonde comes from the natural movement in the hair, think of the sun’s reflection framing the hair around your face. Sounds dreamy, right? Although, it does have its downsides… visible regrowth and lack of naturalness if the difference in tone is too marked.

The Sculptoning Technique

A lot of the new techniques we see today come from freehand strokes with the use of brushes (and maybe some other tools) such as the famous balayage. Tom Connell, Davines Art Director shares how he pushed his boundaries to stand out from the crowd.

Tom wanted to create an artistic concept where hairdressers can sculpt volume into the hair by using freehand strokes of different blondes. However… not with a lightener which is what you’ve probably instantly thought of when you heard blonde.

Sculptoning is all about reversing the perspective and creating darker sections in strategic areas of the head. Colour placement is everything! Think of it like contouring your makeup. You’ll highlight your eyes and cheekbones to enhance these features. With sculptoning you’ll apply freehand strokes in the area you wish to enhance.

Care for your blonde at home

To keep blonde hair looking fresh, shiny and bright in between appointments, Davines created the Heart of Glass collection. Find out more about the products in the range HERE

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