Do be blue!

This week marked ‘Blue Monday’  – like an eternal hump day when apparently we’re at our lowest. But forget wallowing into your afternoon coffee, listening to depressing music and feeling sorry for yourself. Better to switch the meaning of Blue Monday to a celebration of blue hair instead so you can perk up your clients, too. Obvs we took some top tips from a great colour brand on the best way to ‘be blue’… Pulp Riot Artist Charlotte Harding obliges.

Being the best blue

Blue hair will always be on trend,” Charlotte says. “It’s a staple in every colourist’s repertoire and made modern and relevant by shaking up the shade, the tone and the colour combinations.” What sort of blues are on trend right now? “Denim-inspired shades, 70s retro tones and darker blues which are almost metallic,” she says. “2022 is going to be a big year for blue!”

Do be blue
Denim blues rock!


So, without wanting to sound like a cheesy Instagram caption, turn your frown upside down and join us in celebrating the blues instead! Because we think there’s a lot to celebrate when it comes to amazing hair colour.

Do be blue
Take the hint to perfect the blues

Here are Charlotte’s top tips for absolutely nailing blue hair:

  1. Always wash hair in cool water to help prolong the life of blue hair. The hotter the water, the more it will fade.
  2. When pre-lightening the hair, try to achieve the cleanest blonde possible with minimal yellow. This is because when blue is applied to hair that is not lifted enough, we know that blue added to yellow equals to green! Getting the perfect shade of blonde is essential and the key to the perfect blue.
  3. All Pulp Riot’s blues are intermixable so it’s easy to create custom shades and they are completely removable when using the miracle product Blank Canvas, ready for you to change shade with no damage to the hair.
  4. Always recommend a colour-safe shampoo and conditioner.
  5. Give your client a colour bomb to take home with them, as well as a conditioner that will contain the custom blue shade for use in between appointments. Using this will help to prolong the colour and keep the blue as vibrant as possible.

There you go! It’s a blue day everyday with such vibrant tones to play with.

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