CO2 Global Challenge

Davines, the luxurious and super sustainable haircare brand is continuing its journey towards a net zero status on Carbon with the CO2 global challenge. Back in 2018 they were recognised as a Carbon-neutral company; monitoring, reducing and offsetting all emissions caused by activities that were under the company’s direct control. A. truly remarkable result! Although not enough. The campaign ‘still we are not there yet‘ is about progressing further.
Davines invites you to take action and make a difference in order to restore the natural balance between humans and nature. Here’s how…

Act Now!

The brand has launched a collective challenge through AWorld, the official app selected by the United Nations to support the ActNow campaign against climate change. The premise is simple. Download the app which provides practical suggestions on how to help reduce CO2 emissions linked to human activity, an apply to your life choices.

Importantly, remember that together we can limit global warming up to 1.5°C and using the ActNow app from World helps.

What are you waiting for? Make a start now with these top tips from Davines.

Climate action tips

  1. UNPLUG YOUR HAIRDRYER WHEN YOU’RE NOT USING IT! Did you know that appliances can consume energy even when they’re turned off? Reduce your daily CO2 emissions with tiny little actions.
  2. You can reduce CO2 emissions just by lowering the temperature of the water at the shampoo bowl. A few degrees less can make a difference over time!
  3. CHOOSE ENERGY FROM RENEWABLE SOURCES! Paying attention to your energy bills can have a positive impact. How? Commit to being a conscious consumer and choose energy from renewable sources!

Scan the QR code below to download the app and take part in the CO2 global challenge. Together we can work towards Net Zero.

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