Vish: colour management is the new thing

Are you a colour management software user or is this something you are not familiar with? Or could it be something you know of and have been thinking of giving it a go? If this is the case, then Vish is what you are looking for.

Vish is the industry’s leading colour management software, which includes a suite of systems that revolutionises how salons and stylists run their colour business. Based in Toronto, Canada and available for use worldwide, Vish was created to help salon owners and colourists solve the universal problems facing the hair colour industry – colour waste, ambiguous pricing, and profit margins. Data-driven and intelligently automated, Vish is integrated with multiple point-of-sale systems, giving complete ease to the entire team.

Why choose Vish?

Vish is the only intelligent colour management system that can integrate directly with a salon’s existing POS software, channelling all information on usage, formulas, waste and more to the heart of the business.

Its easy-to-use pictorial interface removes the burden of calculating formulas or taking detailed client notes, making it invaluable to stylists. Meanwhile, the management team can keep an eye on inventory, streamline the reordering process and monitor use by each team member. The salon will hold each stylist’s formula and so can be transparent about unit costs to the client.

Joshua Howard

”Vish automatically relays every gram used instantly to the front desk, showing the salon owner or manager the product costs as well as quantities and how much is wasted,” explains Vish co-founder and CEO Joshua Howard. ”It can be transformative for salons. The unit costs of every colour, lightener or toner used can be added to the client bill, ensuring the basic costs of the service are fully reimbursed. This alone can generate an average of 10-15 per cent more revenue, giving profit margins similar to retail.”

Statistics collected by Vish since it burst on to the hairdressing scene more than two years ago have revealed that salons are squandering up to 40 per cent of their colour through over-mixing and over-applying. But Vish salons soon see this figure drop because the system remembers amounts and surpluses from previous client visits and will recommend smaller quantities to the stylist. Handy!

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