Transform your colour line with COLOR.ME’s pH.D

Colour enthusiasts, have you tried the revolutionary pH.D product from COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY yet?

The COLOR.ME range has been created with naturally beneficial ingredients that rejuvenate hair while delivering beautiful colours with incredible shine – and without harming the environment. With 93 shades, toners and various lightener options. COLOR.ME  has upped their game with the latest innovation, pH.D; an amazing product that allows you to transform any permanent shade to a no-lift, no-shift, deposit-only hair colour

The alkaline to acid pH transformer utilises cutting-edge technology and a proprietary ingredient blend. pH.D gives you the ability to transform oxidative colour into a gentle acid colouration. Basically, it softens the strength of a permanent colour while expanding the colour line. Like the rest of the COLOR.Me range, pH.D is formulated with naturally-derived ingredients. Rich in essentials oils and flavonoids like lemongrass, sweet orange and grapefruit which help the cuticle lay flat, reflect light and add shine.

How to use it

  • Mix your desired SHADE with pH.D + LIQUID.ACTIVATOR in the APPLICATOR.BOTTLE with the MIXING.SPHERE and apply at the shampoo bowl
  • Visually develop – this ranges anywhere from 5-20 minutes
  • Apply post pH.D colouring service regimen

Why you’ll love it

By reducing an alkaline colour and making it more acidic, you are able to expand service offerings in the salon with stunning results for clients without the need to add an entirely new colour line — think of the space you’ll save!  Think about it – by adding only one product and playing with it you can create up to 300 colour shades! A salon must-have to save time, space and money. Sounds awesome right?

At Colour World UK we believe in colourists being equally important as hairdressers to the success of a salon business! Clients deserve excellent colour services, embracing the importance of a great colour consultation through to end result. We salute manufacturers and brands offering a great product innovation which enables colour technicians to explore their creativity and offer a bespoke colour to every client. We offer colour conversation and inspiration for you to browse, and respect colour-focused education and events from what’s on and where to our own Colour World UK event which support our industry and promise to do our best to bring you news and information to help you succeed.

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