Shampoo Bars for the win

We love that it’s cool to be sustainable in 2021, but no one quite does sustainable like our pals at Davines. Enter solid shampoo bars.

Free from plastic and packaged in just a sheet of FSC paper which is 100% recyclable, these little beauty bars are going to be your new best friend.

Let’s check them out…

Solid Shampoo Bars


Moisturising solid shampoo for dry or dehydrated hair, giving hydration, softness and lightness. With extract of Yellow Paceco Cartucciaru Melon.



Solid smoothing shampoo for frizzy or unruly hair. Rich in fatty acids and vitamins, it has an elasticising and softening action. Gently cleanses the hair giving it control and softness. With extract of Minuta Olive.



Solid delicate shampoo for all hair types. Ideal for frequent cleansing. With extract of Red Celery from Orbassano.



Solid volumizing shampoo for fine or limp hair. Gently cleanses the hair making it soft and light. Rich in minerals: phosphorus, iron, calcium and vitamins A, B and C, it gives body and volume to the hair. With extract of Caprauna Turnip.

The Magic Formula

•Silicon, sulphate and preservative free formulas.
•With low impact on the water environment, 97.4% biodegradable.
•Active ingredients from Slow Food Presidia are obtained by means of a natural technique of bio-maceration in sunflower oil, a sustainable alternative to traditional chemical solvents.
•The technology behind these formulas is different compared to traditional soaps: a blend of light surfactants with dermocompatible pH carries out a gentle cleansing action, yet effective to give compactness and shine to the hair.
•This technology enables the inclusion of a blend of conditioning agents in the formula to develop a rich and creamy foam, and to give softness and workability to the hair.
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