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Choosing to be blonde opens up a wonderful Pandora’s box of lightening services, from highlights, to fantasy colour and a radical new look. Of course a big preoccupation with safeguarding the condition of the hair has prompted manufacturers to address the issue of hair care in colour services. Happily Revlon Professional has revealed the  brand’s first range of lightening products that incorporate Plexforce™ in its formulas. New Blonderful™ helps maintain the hair’s structural bonds and guaranteeing maximum hair respect during the service, while reducing breakage and leaving hair looking healthy. The most clever part is the introduction of Plexforce™ which is designed to protect the hair form the inside – combining Maleic acid and a specific conditioner that penetrates the hair fibre to help protect and maintain the hair, and so retain its natural characteristics. Revlon Professional Blonderful™ addresses a broad market and offers you the opportunity to grow, improve and enjoy your colour service more than ever. See how [scroll below the gallery]:

  • Step 1: Lightening powder comes in a choice of lightening up to 8 or 7 levels with optimal neutralization. Coloured powders make it easier to differentiate between them
    • Step 2: Blonderful™ Bond Defender can be either a pre-lightening treatment for damaged hair, or a post-lightening protective treatment (10 minutes). With Plexforce™ inside it helps protect and preserve the hair’s structural bonds. It interacts with Post Color Shampoo to create a protective layer that helps porous hair to return to its natural hydrophobic state
  • Step 3: A Blonderful™ Bond Maintainer for home use again includes Plexforce™ and is applied to damp hair before the shampoo.
    Additional to the range, two ammonia-free products offer sophistication and toning in only five minutes! A 5’ Soft Lightener can help to achieve a brighter, more luminous blonde shade (suitable for use on the same day as the service or between highlighting services), and a 5’ Soft Toner naturalizes and tones highlights without altering previously-coloured or natural base. Available in four shades: 9.01, 9.02, 10.01, and 10.02

Promising up to eight levels of lightening, healthy-looking hair and a comfortable service, the Blonderful non-volatile formulas, pleasant fragrance, stable mixtures and coloured powders are among the benefits which make this easier to use and more pleasant to experience.

At Colour World UK we believe in colourists being equally important as hairdressers to the success of a salon business! Clients deserve excellent colour services, embracing the importance of a great colour consultation through to end result. We salute manufacturers and brands offering a great product innovation which enables colour technicians to explore their creativity and offer a bespoke colour to every client. We offer colourconversation and inspiration for you to browse, and respect colour-focused education and events from what’s on and where to our own Colour World UK event which support our industry and promise to do our best to bring you news and information to help you succeed.

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