Kenra Platinum®

Join the fade-fight! A new system, Platinum® Colour Charge from Kenra features what the brand calls (awesomely we think) fade-fight technology. Read this summary to feel all bright and positive about colour retention:
• A combination of pH levels reduces the amount of time the hair cuticle is open to minimise colour washout • The technology firmly seals the hair cuticle by smoothing and boosting moisture levels to reduce cuticle irritation that can cause colour molecules to wash out • Controls the cuticle under heat allowing necessary moisture and oils to penetrate the hair while preventing colour fading.
Beautiful put and making you ready for battle!
The Kenra Platinum® Colour Charge system, comprises a shampoo and conditioner, and a treatment to recharge brilliance, vibrancy and longevity of hair colour up to 50 shampoos, and boost moisture levels. Ideal for all hair types and colours, these care products contain no parabens, no sulfates, and no sodium chloride. Finally, a spray serum is the ultimate protection against environmental stresses and heat up to 232ºC, retaining colour pigments inside the cuticle for a long-lasting shine and providing colour retention for shine, and during and after styling.

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