Hair extensions are no longer just about length

As colourists, it’s important to understand that working with hair extensions is an instant colour fix after all. And you need to work with the client’s natural hair to make great blends. Today, hair extensions are no longer just about length. 

showpony hair extensions

Importantly,  hair can be an integral part of how someone feels. The Showpony brand seeks to help your clients to ‘be an individual, be natural and be beautiful your way.’ 

showpony hair extensions

The YOU campaign:

The campaign aims to take the brand in a new direction, showcasing hair extensions in a unique and innovative way by creating beautiful, effortless, natural looks. From a Colour World point of view, of course we’re swooning over the natural colours Showpony has released! It’s all about not looking ‘Love Island’ or tried to hard… 

showpony hair extensions

Showpony hair extensions claim to offer a solution to everyday hair concerns with a variety of natural-looking colours, lengths and application methods suited to people of all ages and hair types. Achieving a natural look can be super important to clients, it’s not always about bright colours… A variety of hair colours helps clients achieve their desired look. 

showpony hair extensions

Showpony founder and global CEO Stephanie Mason informs us about her plans with the brand: 

“We’re mindful of our impact and the personal role we play in people’s lives. And we’re empowering, providing the support, knowledge and products that help our customers, employees and the industry to flourish.” 

Check out this beautiful campaign… and find out more about the extensions here

showpony hair extensions

At Colour World UK we believe in colourists being equally important as hairdressers to the success of a salon business! Clients deserve excellent colour services, embracing the importance of a great colour consultation through to end result. We salute manufacturers and brands offering a great product innovation which enables colour technicians to explore their creativity and offer a bespoke colour to every client. We offer colourconversation and inspiration for you to browse, and respect colour-focused education and events from what’s on and where to our own Colour World UK event which support our industry and promise to do our best to bring you news and information to help you succeed.

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