Booster intensifier from Alter Ego

Booster Intensifier from Alter EgoYep – intense colours are now mainstream, with celebs including Katie Perry, Rita Ora and the Kardashians all recently experimenting with bold shades of purple, pink, blue and green.  We love it – so #colourtastic. So, when your clients dare opt for a dramatic colour change, like their idols – they want it to be noticed, which just got a whole lot easier with the latest launch from Alter Ego Italy. The brand’s new Booster can help you ensure your clients leave the salon with the brightest shades possible.

Booster intensifier from Alter Ego

New Booster is a colour intensifier cream that can be used with Alter Ego Italy’s existing colour ranges – i e My Color, Technofruit Color and Be Blonde Pure Diamond Lift – for intense, vivid results.
The ammonia-free formula of Booster balances or neutralises unwanted reflections for harmonious colour effects, or alternatively, it intensifies reflections for a bolder colour service. It’s a win win proposition. And the formula also contains a combination of fruit extracts, including apple, blueberry and pomegranate, so it is designed to help create those vivid colour results.

Booster Intensifier from Alter Ego

Boost your choice!

Alter Ego Italy’s Booster is available in seven on-trend tones: Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Violet, Blue and Neutral. What’s your favourite going to be? Or maybe work patterns, blends and panels using all of them. Fabulous.

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