Balmain Hair celebrates with new fragrances

Introducing three new scents to keep your client’s hair smelling and looking fresh… Balmain Hair celebrates its golden 50th Anniversary with these new fragrances. We’re thinking hair perfumes could be the next big trend…  

Balmain Paris Hair Perfumes

Let’s find out more about the Balmain Paris Hair Perfumes range.  

What distinguishes Hair Perfumes is their distinctive formulation—non-greasy, suitable for all hair types, and a departure from heavy, sticky sprays. Sounds pretty good! They claim to offer enduring, long-lasting scents, while simultaneously enriching the hair with natural ingredients including Silk Protein and Argan Elixir for a soft, healthy feel and look. This combination of fragrance and hair care benefits is perfect for the client looking to keep their colour fresh this winter. Dive into to find out more about each scent.  

Ginger 1974:  

An alluring Ginger 1974 Hair Perfume: A crafted hair mist with a blend of spicy ginger, invigorating fir balsam, rich gourmand notes, soft suede, and clean white musk. This perfume will leave your hair smelling warm, indulgent, and irresistible.  

  • Deep, spicy and sensual  
  • Spices are in great balance with the amber  

Balmain Paris Hair Perfumes


Ginger 1974 is inspired by the Balmain silhouette. The result is an elegant, opulent, structured, and sexy hair perfume that draws an olfactive Balmain silhouette around the wearer. The Hair Perfume is a blend of juicy bergamot, sharp ginger, soft leathery suede, fir balsam reminding of the sticky pine sap, dry mossy oakmoss, and soft white musk. A great scent because it has a strong character and a powerful projection that can get anyone noticed. 

Cardamom 1974: 

A delicate Cardamom 1974 Hair Perfume with a blend of cardamom, lemon, vanilla, and blackcurrant. This blend of ingredients creates a warm, sweet and uplifting perfume that will leave your hair smelling perfect all day long.  

  • Spicy Cardamom with rose undertones  
  • The floral is present, but not overpowering  

Balmain Paris Hair Perfumes


Cardamom 1974 is a powerful fragrance that makes you feel stronger. The Hair Perfume has a couture feel thanks to its sophistication (rose, patchouli, cardamom and vanilla) but remains accessible to all noses, thanks to joyful notes such as citruses (bergamot, lemon) and a sweet fruity note (blackcurrant, gourmand). It also shows a soft sensuality through ambroxan and white musks.  

Vetiver 1974:   

The Vetiver 1974 Hair Perfume: Crafted with a blend of grapefruit, delicate florals, earthy vetiver, grounding cedarwood and nourishing balsams. This blend creates a bright, fresh, and grounding scent that will leave your hair smelling fragrant all day long.  

  • Fruity vetiver that is yet warm and fresh  
  • The fruits do not overpower the vetiver but create a beautiful balance 

Balmain Paris Hair Perfumes


The perfume Vetiver 1974 is meant to be an olfactive representation of Balmain’s identity and values: empowerment through excellence (represented by strong woody notes such as vetiver, cedarwood, and high-quality raw materials, like the vetiver oil and the balsams) but also refinement (depicted by the flowery part made of rose, geranium and lily of the valley), surprise and excitement (translated into the fizzy grapefruit and tangy rhubarb).  

We look forward to hearing how your clients get on with the hair perfumes.  

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