Alterego colour care ranges

A double whammy of joy in the form of two Alterego colour care ranges. This will keep your clients colour looking salon fresh at all times. Bliss!

Alterego colour care

Alterego colour careFirst up, let’s study the new colour care range to ensure optimum condition and protection for coloured and bleached hair. This is a capsule collection of a gentle shampoo then a choice of three conditioners. There is light rinse, intensive treatment, and two-phase no-rinse – to suit the client.

The products are enriched with prime active ingredients of natural origin. Maintaining cosmetic colour intensity and shine for up to 7 weeks. This was reported when tested on 20 washes compared with previous formulations. They protect hair and leave it soft and bright. The active ingredients are; • Goji Berries which slows down oxidation by prolonging the cosmetic colour duration. • Litchi Extract which deeply nourishes and provides shine. Maintains and preserves the colour of both natural and cosmetically coloured hair. • Argan Oil to revitalise and strengthens the hair fibre. It has a deep moisturising action that enhances hair silkiness and combability • Urban Shield to create an anti-pollution shield that protects hair from the aggression of external agents. It slows down cosmetic colour fading.

Specially for the lighter shades

Second, we study the new Silver Maintain duo of carers (shampoo and conditioner) for the protection and maintenance of blonde, grey, white, natural, coloured or bleached hair… phew! This covers pretty much all the light options. The formula is enriched with active ingredients of natural origin that deeply nourish the hair ensuring light and silk-like results. Think purple pigment – to nourish and provide shine. At the same time preserve the colour of both natural and cosmetically coloured hair. Then Gogi berries to slow down oxidation, Argon oil to revitalise and strengthen the hair fibre. With an anti-pollution shield to protect from external aggressors.

Alterego colour careThe brand says that the magic happens with the purple pigment that has a neutralising effect on unwanted yellow tones as it prolongs the effectiveness of the non-yellow treatment for up to five washes (tested on bleached, and bleached and coloured hair with superlighteners). So the advice to clients is simply to wash hair using this Silver Maintain treatment at least once a week.



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