Celebrities for hair inspo!

Consumers remain crazy about looking to celebrities for hair inspo, and we are thankful for that so many of the current reality TV stars are playing with colour as well as cut. From Kylie Jenner to Billie Eilish to the Love Islanders… keep it coming ladies!


And hey for colour that is dramatic but not permanent. Increasing our star spies show us great examples of hair pieces used to change up a colour look. Megan Barton Hanson is a  star of the 2018 series of Love Island, and she is fearless when talking about using help to switch her appearance, both temporarily and permanently. Opting for different colours, lengths and styles, Imy (Imran Chowdury) the hair magician from Michael John Salon – London, who created her latest look, comments on her hair journey.

Megan Barton Hanson for Great LengthsGreat Lengths Keratin Bonded Flow-strands (Created recently by @Imy_hair at  Michael John, London)

“This is by far my favourite look, we worked with five different Great Lengths colours including their flow-strands making sure all the bonds were blended to help create a soft textured blend from Megan’s natural short dark hair to this textured balayage. Keeping the roots natural when lightening your hair is a sure way to keep it low maintenance. Using Great Lengths pre-bonded hair makes it easier to blend some of the natural dark tones through to the ends without creating solid pieces of colour.”

Megan Barton HansonPreviously, Megan had enjoyed a Kim K inspired look (created by @Joel_maghair21) with long, straight hair. Imy comments: “What girl doesn’t love the feeling of a fresh set of extensions? I can see the Kim Kardashian inspiration here. It’s sleek, sophisticated and creates a bold look. Adding lighter extensions with tapes on short hair can sometimes be tricky, so make sure you use some that have a root to help blend properly and create a natural look.”

Megan Barton HansonAnother favourite was a ‘long bronde’ with Hollywood waves. Imy has advice for anyone inspired by this: “This look screams Hollywood glam. I’m always a fan of this type of styling, Hollywood waves paired with a red lip is my favourite red carpet look! I like Megan’s natural hair here. When working with balayaged hair it’s best to make sure you blend all the tones of the natural hair into the extensions for a seamless blend. This way the style will always look natural”

And here is where it all started! With a shorter, more traditional look, but still eminently copyable!  “The look that Megan burst onto our screens with. I really like this look, Megan has a lot of hair naturally with a good amount of volume, so keeping a soft textured edge with longer layers really works. With the colour, the tone looks good against Megan’s skin tone. Keeping a natural root globally (except for the face frame) really helps to soften the regrowth as the colour grows out.”

Trust us, these celebrity chameleons are in it for the long haul. We’re delighted!


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