Colourstart at Rainbow Room  

The Rainbow Room International salons are renowned colour experts, and they want to continue improving their colour services for clients. Looking to the future, the salon group has introduced an advanced colour allergy screening system for clients: Colourstart. This is a new skin-testing method which is more developed than the traditional system.

Rainbow Room International
Rainbow Room International

Colourstart…it’s super-convenient  

Forward-thinking, the Colourstart testing system offers more convenience for clients and is a definite step up from the outdated previous system. The best part? Colour clients will no longer need to travel to the salon purely for a skin test. Rainbow Room can also offer repeat colour services without the need to repeat the test. 

Colour area at Rainbow Room International Royal Exchange Square salon

MHRA approved

After researching Colourstart for 18 months, Rainbow Room International established that for its brand, this is by far the most effective way to test. Colourstart is also licensed by the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) as the only clinically-proven screening method for potential allergy to PPD (the chemical that causes a reaction). 

Rainbow Room International

 It’s your choice

Rainbow Room International will ask clients on their next salon visit if they want to move onto the new Colourstart screening system. Stylists will guide them through the process, including performing the patch test and downloading the Colourstart passport app. After the test, if no reaction has been caused, clients can log the results into their passport app. Before each appointment, clients can answer a few simple screening questions on the app, which will then show green ‘ok’ to colour. A new test is only needed in particularl circumstances, such as having had a black henna tattoo. This system allows clients to have their hair coloured again without testing – even after the usual 6-month period.

Rainbow Room International Royal Exchange Square salon

Wil Fleeson

Wil Fleeson, director of the Buchanan Street salon, says, “I am so excited that we have launched Colourstart across our salons. This is something we have been researching and have had in the pipeline for some time. As colour experts who want to stay ahead of the game with colour and innovations, moving onto the new system is essential. We are keeping our current skin testing system, too, as we appreciate there will be clients who do not want to change.” 

Linda Stewart

Linda Stewart, co-founder of Rainbow Room International, says: “There are so many benefits to launching Colourstart across our Rainbow Room International salons. It’s straightforward and cuts out salon visits for a skin test. It also gives us complete creative freedom on the day of the clients’ visit because if they’ve tested and had the ‘ok to colour’ result, we are 100% sure they will not have an allergy. We can use any colour in any way!”  

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