Shadow Prints

Taking a step back from the concept that lightening hair adds movement; we see a new method that adds movement by adding depth– the Shadow Prints collection shows you how…

Brown is a full and rich colour that gives a sense of roundness, but it may look too uniform and flat.  How can you make it special?

Over the years, hairstylists have often invented techniques to lighten brown and make it more interesting: balayage, reflects, highlights.  Instead of lightening, how about darkening hair by creating deep chocolate, hazelnut, coffee or caramel shades?

Shadowing: a new technique add depth to your colour

For the 2021 hair collection Tom Connell – Davines Hair Art Director – proposes the Shadowing technique. Overturning the traditional way of thinking of brown: instead of lightening, with Shadowing the hairdresser selects some sections and darkens them to create depth and movement.

Normally the lighter part of the hair is close to the face, but in this case it is the opposite concept.  The darker and richer shade is close to the skin, whereas the lighter tone is on the rest of the hair.  In this way eyes, cheekbones, lips and complexion stand out.

Davines Mask with Vibrachrom is the perfect colour system for this technique; it offers a beautiful and healthy colour while being a very gentle colouring service with a pleasant scent that neutralizes the perception of ammonia. Mask with Vibrachrom is perfect for greys too, take a look through the collection below to see how Tom Connell has used the masks with the shadowing technique to add depth to grey hair.

Shadow Prints Collection