Schwarzkopf Essential Looks Collection 2018

Schwarzkopf Essential Looks collection 2018Schwarzkopf Professional Essential Looks collection 2018 is named ‘Reinventing Hair’ and introduces four new trends, each designed to reinvent, reimagine and re-inspire hair. We’re now familiar with this biannual release of imagery that embraces current trends and showcases to salons how to translate high-end fashion direction into wearable, accessible styles, cuts and colours to use in your salon work. It’s one of the most useful and attractive compilations from any colour brand we believe. So pay attention!

This year, in addition to the usual release of 3 subsections within the EL collection we have a fourth section, created by the Igora #RoyalTakeOver team, ie a group of hairdressers comprising three inspiring digital hairdressing influencers, along with three leading session colourists. The Igora #RoyalTakeOver team work throughout 2018 to focus on the way to use red tones, from the Igora Royal portfolio. It’s fascinating stuff!

RE-inventing Hair

Schwarzkopf Professional’s international creative director, Simon Ellis says: “Right now, change is everywhere. In the way we consume information, in the dialogue between art, lifestyle, technology and culture, and in the way the trends of tomorrow are defining the zeitgeist of today. In our industry, we’re all continuously reinventing hair in every dimension, that’s the only way to thrive and grow. At Schwarzkopf Professional it’s our mission, today and every day. We’re always inspiring, creating and always dreaming big, which is why we’re so excited to share this season’s REinventing Hair Collection with you. It’s a fast, furious, brand-new world, and we’re right there, pinning down the trends that really matter.

Essential Looks trends 2018

Here’s a taster of each collection – such energy!


Schwarzkopf Essential Looks 2018


Random Rebel (above) celebrates self-expression, the cultural outsider and the rebellious maverick. We can think of plenty of colourists that fit that description! This trend takes its inspiration from underground club culture, teaming high-impact colour with extreme texture. Colour-wise, this is strictly for rebels, with intense and contrasting shades taking centre stage. A combination of Igora ColorWorx, Vibrance and Vario Blond create optical effects in coral and purple, using the Electric Gloss technique.

Schwarzkopf Essential Looks 2018

• Real Me (above) is a showcase of the authentic, dialled up a notch. This trend channels natural cool nude shades, using the new Colour Contour technique, BlondMe and Igora. It’s the perfect colour palette for complementing skin tones for a flattering look, with high-contrast colour placements emphasising dark and light tones to frame the face.

Schwarzkopf Essential Looks 2018Beyond Borders (above) is the name of trend number three, and this one rejoices in global cultures. It’s full of attitude and knows no rules! Colour is multi-dimensional, thanks to the use of Igora and Igora Royal together with the new Marbling technique. Panels of contrasting reflects create an impression of extra lift and a ‘lit from behind’ effect.

• Igora #RoyalTakeOver Dishevelled Nudes
 (above) is where Matt Clements, award-wining colourist from Australia and Jorge Cáncer, world-renowned educator and member of Xpresion Creativos from Madrid take their new nude colour palette to the edge by adding contrast and character. Six new soft and disruptive shades – from powdery blondes and pastels to darker, shadowy tones – provide a soft, yet strong and modern colour appeal. Using the new Vanguard Accentuation technique, the modern nude shades are used to create strong, directional shapes through a contrasting play of sharp, graphic lines and soft, organic colour gradings.

Watch out in  September 2018 for more hot trends as part of Schwarzkopf Professional’s 2:2018 Essential Looks Collection.

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