We caught up with Oli Tracey

We caught up with Oli Tracey, finalist at the Colour World Genius Awards 2023, on an exciting collection released by Crazy Color UK. Oli had the chance to create a playful, colourful look whilst working with some excellent colourists from around the country.


Let’s dive in…  

It is always interesting to hear people’s back story and Oli’s comes in pretty highly as he decided to quit hairdressing in 2011 and only came back to the industry after the pandemic. Oli was requalified in 2021 and has gone from strength to strength since. Joining Slunks Hair Club in Cardiff, Oli has had the opportunity to surround himself with positivity and fall in love with the industry once again.  

“To be chosen as part of the Crazy Color UK team is so special to me, even just being around artists I’d followed and looked up to for years was mind-blowing. To think this time. 2.5 years ago I didn’t have a job and now I’m doing something I couldn’t even have dreamt of.” 

What a story!

Let’s find out what happened on set…   

“The day came to do the content shoot and we had all given briefs of what sort of looks we wanted to create for Crazy Color and they had found models to fit our briefs. One of my favourite shades from Crazy Color’s 40 intermixable range is Rose Gold and I wanted to do something that should that colour’s versatility as a mixing shade, so I settled on a neon yellow and rose gold bob look, something super cute and flirty but packed hell of a punch. I don’t think a lot of people know that mixing rose gold with canary yellow makes the brightest almost egg yolkey yellow, and then using Candyfloss to punch up the rose end for the tips, my final outcome couldn’t have come to life any better!” 

Feel inspired by the look Oli created…  

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