three ways to talk to clients about sustainability with matrix’s Carol Ritchie

MatrixWith sustainability, climate concerns and April embracing Earth Month, talking to clients about being more eco-friendly is on the agenda for many hairstylists. But how should you talk to clients without turning them off the subject or coming across as too pushy when all they want to do is be pampered?

Matrix Artist Ambassador Carol Ritchie says that while it’s an important conversation to have, your language is worth considering. “Many of our clients are also concerned about sustainability in life, and while it’s worth talking to them about what you and your business are doing, don’t overload them with information and go in too strong. You want them to be with you on your sustainable journey, and while some clients are happy to just talk about their hair, it’s also important for them to know that you, as a stylist and as a business, are doing your bit.”


Carol Ritchie ‘s tips on talking about sustainability with your clients

1 Pick a couple of things you have changed in the salon and why and what the benefits are. When we are excited about something, our clients will be too.

2 Most people are aware of climate change and are already doing their bit at home, so this can make them engaged and inspired.

3 If you’re looking for something to talk about with your clients, why not discuss renewable energy, eco-friendly shower heads and recycling your metal and foils.

4 Stock eco-friendly products such as Biolage, and talk about the ethos and their benefits.

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