The colour purple

Pantone – the people who make colours standard so we can match to them – have announced their choice of colour for 2018,… and it’s ULTRA VIOLET. Watch out for the reflection of this tone in all things fashion, homeware and of course hair colour! We’re loving it already. From mauve to lilac, aubergine to grape, there are so many possibilities. The first comment to reach us has come in from Steph Peckmore, group colour director at Bad Apple Hair in the Midlands – a brand who are adventurous with their work, and know a thing or two about trend-spotting. Steph says: “Lilac hues and deep plums all sit nicely in the ‘Ultraviolet sector’. When placed together these tones complement and add dimension to a full head purple look if you’re going all the way. Ultraviolet can be adapted into many techniques, my favourite is adding a modern twist on highlights; using the traditional highlighting method but adding some violet toner over the top is the way to go.. Violet tones also wash out easily if they aren’t too rich, so can be great fun for a week or so after your appointment and you can then revert back to your normal blonde highlights if you wish. You can also continue to add toner at home if you want to keep up the violet look.
“Not brave enough to go for it, why not try a chocolate mauve to still stay true to that natural vibe, whilst still nodding towards the trend of the year!”

At Bad Apple, the team works with INNOluxe – an insalon treatment that can be used alone or mixed into colour to rebound, rebuild, repair and prevent damage. Steph says, to achieve a true Ultraviolet, you’ll need a nice, light base to begin creative colour on top. Mixing INNOluxe with the colour counteracts any damage the bleach is trying to do to the hair by strengthening it from inside each strand.
Now go on, get creative!