Talking colour with Jayson Gray

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Who better to brighten up a rainy Wednesday than colour master, Jayson Gray. So passionate about his craft – honestly, this man could chat hair colour till the cows come home – it was fantastic to catch up with him ahead of Colour World. He even gave us a sneaky idea of what we can expect to see from him and Wella at the event in May. Excited much!

We’ll have two models and l’ll be working freehand on both of them – one dark brunette and the other a short blonde,” reveals Jayson. “I’ll be using a creative mixture of Koleston Perfect shades in a more delicate and saturated way. I love this product, in just one coat I can seamlessly blend the colours. It’s great as you can really achieve a widespread spectrum of shades and tonalities.”

Having worked with Toni & Guy for years and a founding member of the Wella Professionals UK Colour Club, Jayson is no stranger to hair demos, so if you see him at the event, don’t be shy, get involved and ask questions.

‘Gray’ anyone?

Jayson insists his love affair with hair colour was inevitable, “My surname is a colour, so it was meant to be,” he muses. Since he can remember he has always been fascinated with how colour can transform a person. “I love how you can use hair colour to print, paint and add texture to a style,” says Jason. “It fascinates me how hair colour can be used as a mask and how it brings people’s features to life. It’s like a magic elixir.”

Jayson Gray
Instagram @jayjaygrayesq

So what are your clients asking for at the moment Jayson? “At the moment I’m really digging saturated colors. The colour people want has more detail, depth and richness. It is less about pastel shades and more about luxury, like berry browns that are super shiny and premium.”

Jayson adds: “There’s a real art to mixing shades. Koleston Perfect is great for helping me get the colour balance right, so I can achieve a pure tone in just one hit.

Finally, with a wealth of high calibre colour products on the market, we were interested to quiz Jayson on where he thinks there is room for improvement. “I think – if anything – there is a big area of development for products like colour balms and take-home packages that can restore hair colour.” Interesting stuff!

Catch up with Jayson at Colour World this May and ask him your burning questions.
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