Respectfully 001 – Sustainability with Tim Hartley & Graham Pollard

Respectfully 001 – Sustainability with Tim Hartley & Graham Pollard

How can we make hairdressing more eco-friendly? The hairdressing industry is one of the biggest energy users out there. We know it’s hard, but there are things you can do cut down your consumption of plastics and water especially. With awareness growing on social media platforms, we’ve found that more and more millennials are going green as it seems they are choosing more sustainable products and services regardless of the fact it may be slightly more expensive. Interesting stuff.

From the use of plastics, right through to water usage, in this Respectfully Podcast you’ll find us discussing methods that you can use to make your salon more sustainable. As Graham says: “Plastic is not the problem, the people are.” 

On the panel this week:

Graham Pollard– an award winning freelance hairdresser and educator. Graham is a big believer in CPD and passionate about sustainability, he even switched to a different brand because they use PET plastics and their ingredients are 98% organic and 95% natural products.

Tim Hartley– renowned for his role as international creative director at Vidal Sassoon, Tim now has his own business, Tim Hartley Education. We were super lucky to pin him down as he’s constantly travelling the globe for shows and seminars.

Hot topics:

  • millenials supporting sustainability – 3 mins 8 secs
  • #sustainability – 3 mins 51secs
  • brand focus – 6 mins 5 secs
  • colour usage – 6 mins 49 secs
  • cultural differences – 8 mins 28 secs
  • water consumption – 10 mins 28 secs
  • educating clients – 14 mins 14 secs
  • how products are made – 20 mins 15 sec
  • recycling schemes – 21 mins 33 secs
  • how you can get involved – 23 mins 44 sces


Hosts: Nicky Pope, Lilly Cox
Guests: Graham Pollard and Tim Hartley

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