Prepare for re-opening with TIGI

We may not be 100% sure on the date yet – things are changing so quickly!- but salons will re-open soon. One of the main services that is expected to break a record demand wise is colour correction. So how ready are colourists for this? And what can we do to be prepared? TIGI colour experts, Aaron Overton and Lucy Hicks share some advice on preparing to meet the needs of your colour clients. Let’s hear it from them!

Go ahead with virtual colour consultations

“In terms of colour correction,” Lucy advises, “my main tip is that everyone who has coloured their own hair since their last visit should be offered a virtual consultation prior to their visit, just to ensure you plan enough time and also so you can give a new price breakdown. They will also need a new skin test, so that must be factored in. But before that, ensure you are up to date with any colour correction training you need.’’

Make plans with your team

Aaron’s advice is to: “Have a good plan! This is key for salon reopening after lockdown. Setting up video calls with your salon team to discuss ideas is a fantastic approach to get a broad perspective of how the salon can follow legal obligations and function in a way that ensures both the salon team and clients are happy. Official industry and government websites should be the go-to resources for factual insights”.

Use digital tools to communicate with clients. Put a strong social media plan in place.

“Let clients know the process of booking appointments, the colour services you are offering, the experience they can expect when they visit and importantly, how they should prepare themselves for arrival at the salon” says Aaron.

“Let them know you are offering virtual consultations, so they feel reassured before they come into the salon” adds Lucy. ”This helps both of you understand exactly what needs to be done to the hair to avoid any surprises’’.

Reconsider your Service Menu

“Now is the perfect time to rethink your salon service menu” suggests Aaron. “We need to work as smartly as possible to accommodate the hordes of clients in need of an appointment. Big changes might need to be put on hold and, instead, fast services could become the top priority to help your clients and bring in a constant flow of much-needed revenue.

Suggest contouring services that focus around the face, partial foiling techniques, quick colour melts and toning. Communicate this in a positive way via social media so clients have an idea on which services would best suit them.”


It could be at least 14 weeks since your clients last came through your salon door! In that time their hair will have been exposed to high levels of sun, heat styling and potentially home colour.

”Think about offering homecare kits to prepare clients for having a colour service’‘ says Aaron. ‘‘A TIGI shampoo, TIGI conditioner, TIGI treatment booster and heat protection styling product to strengthen, hydrate and prep the hair for colour is the perfect home prep regime. Remember, even when you’re back working, the gap between services could be longer than normal due to the volume of clients wanting appointments and social distancing measures, so you need to give clients the best chances of preserving tone during the summer months. So, make that sale.”

Wow! Lots to think about! You will be soon adapting to the new normal though – keep calm and be prepared. If you and your team are organised and well-trained, your stock is ordered, your clients have received communication from you, and have booked their appointments, this will be a fantastic and busy return to work.

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