Power of the pattern

As colourists we are always eager to do something a little different. Great news! Because we’re hearing that clients are too! As we see many individuals completely change their look and opt for drastic changes to make them stand out – it’s great to see individual styles come to the surface.

With this in mind, trends are changing and we are seeing a rise in the painted on pattern requests in salons across the UK. A known popular style with the likes of Nicki Minaj, the pattern trend has fast become a client favourite here in the UK with incredible patterned looks breaking the colour boundaries like we’ve never seen before.

Being ahead of the game is key in this area to set you aside from your competitors and below I share with you my top pattern styles for 2022, how to create the and the colour formulations behind them. 2022 is the year that we as colourists break the boundaries.

Here’s some pretty cool pattern work from creative extradordinaire, Saffy B.


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Rare Rainbow

This is a look that I absolutely love, as it is the combination of a global application and also a pattern technique, both of which work so incredibly well together. In order to create this look take a section at the back of the hair, leaving a small amount of hair above this and sectioned to the side. Next, paint your rainbow onto the hair, placing your colours in your chosen pattern.  Use foils when applying in order to keep the hair separated from the rest of the hair. With the rest of the hair, focus on a global colour application. I opted for a beautiful purple hue to really allow the rainbow to shine.

Colour Formula
Pre-lightened using balayage technique, using Oxycur Lightener, Xolorance 10BS -50mls +100mls lotion + 8mls cool violet pure pigments. Rainbow created using Elumen Play.


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Eye of the Tiger

For those clients who absolutely love the buzz cut, the painted on hair trend is absolutely amazing and one that I personally enjoy. Choosing a base that will instantly attention is key, and working with a bright colour intensifies the statement factor. When creating this tiger pattern I freehand painted this on the hair, working to my own placement – it was so much fun and very creative. Don’t be afraid to experiment with this technique and different colours.

Colour Formula

Coloured using Goldwell Elumen Play  Yellow 60mls + 20mls Green, Black 15mls

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