Not Another Mullet

The mullet is back! Allegedly…. you may have spotted the style coming up increasingly on their socials as Sophia Hilton and rest of the Not Another Salon team have been working on some hot new trends for this summer… all based on the mullet.

Welcome back to the mullet

Innoluxe mullet cutYep, that’s right! The mullet is back say NAS, and it’s here to stay. Guys and girls are no longer toying with the idea of a mullet… they are actually doing it. Sophia (brand ambassador for Innoluxe also) says Lockdown really gave us an opportunity to check out our unstyled hair and get a feel for it’s natural texture.

Working best on mid-long length hair, one of her favourite things about the mullet is how versatile it is. You can go super choppy, bold, bright and colourful, or soft, face framing and natural in colour.

Product reccomendations

Sophia recommends working in the mullet cut with a salon service. She proposes an INNOluxe V2 treatment as being ideal prior to cutting a mullet, saying it’s important for the hair to have a strong healthy base. Her advice is that razor cuts create the best mullets and using a razor on dry damaged hair will not give the results you’re after, as you’ll lose the overall shape – a crucial part to a successful mullet.

Anyway.. hair just simply looks better when it’s healthy and shiny.

The right kind of shag

Innoluxe shag cutAnother big trend right now is the shag. This one’s for the curly girls. Working with the natural curl, this look is all about creating a textured fringe, layering and beautiful shape.

We love a low maintenance trend, the best thing about this one is you literally wash and go! Again, tying in with a brand, Sophia says pop in some INNOluxe Elixir and you are ready to take on the world. We’ve seen this haircut in all kinds of colours, from natural to bright. Whatever the colour, the shag remains strong!

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